upping mileage & nursing a relatively minor injury

yep, things are goin’ pretty well. mostly. my running clinic came to a close on june 27 – just in time for work to seriously ramp up. i am very thankful to not have specific running “appointments” – i can schedule my training sessions as my calendar allows.

in general, running is going excellent. this morning i ploughed through 15km – i think i did allright since i hadn’t run more than 10k since May 29 – that’s over 6 weeks ago. prior to today, however, i was struggling a bit. my right leg has been bothering me for months – like 6 or more. i’ve had good days and bad days. i assumed it was something i would just have to accept. a couple weeks ago though, it started to get pretty painful. finally, the pain behind my right knee got to the point of unbearable and i was unable to run. i proceeded immediately to physio; not sure why i chose that over massage, chiropractic, or the family doctor… but it definitely paid off. he attributed my pain to very tight muscles. i’ve gone twice now, and each time the pain has gotten less and less severe. now i would say it’s “uncomfortable”; i can also manage it with: proper stretching, foam roller, and Deep Cold. physio ftw!

15k down today, next week and the following week should bring some periodization (which means letting my body get used to that distance before adding more mileage) with a 12-15km run again.

i also discovered the Glenmore Landing Good Earth cafe. Wow, best Good Earth I’ve been to. So much great selection of food & goodies!! I chose an Egg Salad Sandwich (yes, at 10:15am, but I was friggin hungry); when I sat down on the bench to eat it, I renamed it Mt Egg Salad Sandwich. Jeez louise – 1″ thick slices of grainy bread plus like 1 full cup (237ml people!) of egg salad.   !what!