quick training & fundraising update

Time sure flies. I woke up today and realized I have 4months + 1 week until I run the 42km Honolulu Marathon! Training is going really, really well. Those of us on the NWT & AB Team are the lucky trainees to work with our coach, John. He has been working with the Arthritis Society for almost 10 years, has run over 40 marathons, and has a never-ending wealth of knowledge and experience to share with us “newbies”. I have been running with him for about 5 weeks now and I can already see the difference his methods have made!

50/50 Draw
Jen & Ange @ 50/50 Draw on July 28. Ange is being very serious and talking to a participant.

This past week I held a 50/50 Draw in the lobby of the TELUS Tower. We raised $665 – that puts me to about 81% of my goal!! That is $3900 towards Arthritis Research and Education Programs. I’ve had a few people come forward

and share their experiences of Arthritis with me – it affects so many people. To some, it’s a mild but constant pain, and to others it is a life-altering day to day struggle. You have no idea how many people we walk by every single day are living with this disease. My arthritis Hero has a surgery in November on her hand which is almost completely unusable right now; one month in a cast, 3-6 months of physio, and the doctor assures her hand will be good as new. She can also expect an additional surgery on her other hand within the next year.

Thank you for your support. Together we are fighting arthritis.