What’s next?

I swear to god almost right after I finished the marathon (maybe later that same day…), some subconscious part of me started pondering what my next challenge to conquer will be. It was like, “well, if I can do a marathon, I can do anything… ANYTHING!”

Here are some ideas that have popped into my head to prove how crazy my mind is:

  • Trek Macchu Picchu (spelling?)
  • Trek Mt Kiliminjaro
  • Run another marathon
  • 5k time below 30min
  • 10k time below 60min
  • 21k time below 2:30
  • Canadian Death Race
  • Backpacking trip
  • Sprint or Olympic Triathlon
  • Complete 5 Peaks Series

That’s kinda a big list for 1 year. It is also an expensive list. And a kinda sorta conflicting list in some respects – my understanding is that 5k speed training is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than 21k pace improvement training.

Here I sit. Pondering.



2 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. Machu Picchu is amazing! If you like british humour – watch ‘An Idiot Abroad’ He does Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu, and he HATES every minute of it. Karl Pilkington is my hero 😉

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