Barrier Lake with Friends

On Monday, July 2, we braved the very flat & boring hike @ Barrier Lake. Ok, it was actually about 1800ft elevation gain up a mountain, and we ran it. Well, I tried to run – I probably ran about 40-50% of it. However, Jamie, Carolyn, Peter, and John pretty much ran the entire thing. In fact, they even did check-backs to me and our 1 hiker, Tamara. Yes – John’s running group still does check-backs on a mountain.

Jamie and Carolyn took the longest route both up and down the mountain, and totaled about 21km. Tamara and I did no checkbacks, and therefore had the shortest trek of about 17km.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, on a gorgeous trail! The scenery was too beautiful for me to really complain about how challenging it was. And believe me, it was. I could barely walk to ascend the last 10-15min to the summit to the Ranger Station. Just like John suggested when we first started trail running in April, I need to do some hill training. Go figure.

On the downside, I did roll my ankle on the descent. I have some kind of weird joint thing (bimordial joint syndrome i think?) which means I’m uber flexible… So I didn’t sprain my ankle, but I am in pain and I cannot flex my foot backwards. Here’s hoping it’s nothing. I’m going to see my physiotherapist today.

Here are some great shots Jamie took: