our first day was so awesome, i’m already posting about it

Well, day 1 is over and it was more fun and exciting than I ever imagined.

We started off by walking from our hotel to the center, thinking it was only 3kms. 50min later we strolled in… kinda hot and kinda tired :s

Anyway, we then began orientation; this consisted of a 1-hr tour to show us the ropes, followed by a 1-hr tour with the tourist groups. Once those were over, we took lunch… after lunch, we were assigned our first ask: lift the palm fronds up on the roof and look for giant grasshoppers and cockroaches. Um… not fun. It took quite a while, but Jamie was surprisingly good at it. Yay Jamie.

Next we were assigned to help other volunteers finish their tasks. I really, I mean really, assumed we’d be lackeys and just cleaning up poop. Nope. Not at all. While Jamie went to go get the monkeys from their daily ranforest/jungle playtime, the other new female volunteer and I were assigned to sloth duty! this meant one on one time (no cuddling though – they bite and scratch) time with the sloths! We were introduced to everyone, and fed them leaves. It was awesome. Then, I took out the possum with a healed broken leg to eat and go for a walk. THis meant watching him chew and chew and chew and chew and chew aaaand chew a dead mouse; follow by a walk (teasing him with his blankie to make him walk); and finally putting him about 3′ up in a little bush and making him climb down. The goal is to release every animal…hopefully the little possum only has a short stay!

While I was off with the sloths, possum, porcupine, agouti, and kinkajou… Jamie was with the monkeys. He borugh them backfrom the jungle, and then had to shovel poop. Ha-ha. But he was then rewarded with playtime and bottle feeding the monkeys… Absolutely adorable. I must note – apparently women are not allowed in the monkey cage anytime a female monkey is in there – this means I probably won’t have much time with the monkeys at all. That is totally ok. I get to play with sloths!



10 thoughts on “our first day was so awesome, i’m already posting about it

  1. Hi Jen & Jamie!
    It was great to read about your first day and to see the pictures! What a difference from computers, phones, calculators & paperwork!!
    We look forward to seeing a lot more of your adventures!
    Mom & Mike……………

  2. It’s 11:11AM PST / 2:11PM EST and Maria and I are going over your spreadsheet (Small Business ADSL)… enough said!!! Enjoy! (BTW you never said you’d block Maria for asking work questions!!!)

      1. I think you misspelled that… it should be winners!

        Glad you’re having fun! The pictures look awesome…

  3. Your first day sounded like a lot of work, but a lot of fun and new friends as well!!! Can’t wait to hear and see more!!! Luv to you both!!!

  4. Ok, so why can’t SRS have the tab disappear or reappear depending on the answer to a particular question. Argghhhhh! Jen Argghhhhh! And when should the Demarc and Tag appear a in the Small ADSL template? Arggghhhh!

    Jen, I love the wide lense view of you looking over the horizon. Can’t believe the world has such beautiful view whist Antonio and I look at spreadsheets.

    Be safe and have a spectacular time

    1. Haha, Maria… I do not know the answers to your questions 😉 i shall ask the animals next time i see them!!

      1. Hey Jen,

        It’s release night! I know your missing this! And you want to be here right! Anyways, what did the sloths say about the templates? Did you ask Jeremy? What about Charlie? What are wieners? You meant to say “winners” right?

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