mmm, popcorn

we ran some errands today – went to ikea and picked up some christmas decorations and a ficus tree! then we went to marlboroug mall to see if their super xmas store was there yet. it was, but about 1/6 the size of the one last year… we’re looking for a nice, fake, non-green christmass tree. our current tree is only about 4′ tall, and it just isn’t going to work with all the space we have now 😦

man, i don’t know what happened today, but i am so dizzy and feel like the room is spinning. no, i haven’t been drinking. but it does feel a bit like i’m hammered. hope this goes away, and i hope this is a one time experience because it definitely is not fun.

an on that note, it is not easy to focus on this right now.