i love the weekend

what a friday. it’s been so fun – i love fridays! right after work i headed over to fire escape to paint some pottery. it was pretty fun – i found it to be more productive by myself! but less fun than with a group of people; face it, i love chatting. after attempting to be an artist with stamps and paint allover myself, jamie and i walked to the bus stop. ugh, that was a long walk. so long, in fact, that i whined. ok, in all honesty, it isn’t that surprising when i whine.

the bus took fucking forever to get there. mind you it was almost 7pm which means, in calgreee, no one requires efficient public tranportation.

 i fell asleep on the bus again. i don’t know what it is, but i simply cannot stay awake on the bus ride home. last time i just about fell out of the seat – the bus took a corner, it scared the shit out of me, i jumped, and just about bailed. . . good thing jamie was there to laugh uncontrollably. anyway, tonight it was one of those naps where your head drops, drops a little further, and keeps dropping a little further until your chin is damn near on your chest. i think i’ve drooled, or snored, or something embarassing when i’ve fallen asleep on the bus before; i tend to wake up to people staring at me. haf. well, fuck you bus riders – i don’t know you and you don’t know me!

anyway, once we got home it was time to veg. this involved changing my blog theme which turned out to be a somewhat complicated endeavour. i’m not going to explain what happened and what i ended up doing because, due to my extreme technical savvy, i will degrade the rest of you! muahaha!

you like it? i love this new theme. i think i’m going to steer clear of black backgrounds. . . they are hard to read.

jamie and i spent 2 hrs playing the new simpsons game for xbox tonight. it is such a fun game!!!! it’s awesome that we can cooperate on missions.

we had to kill lard boy. it was kinda scary. was anyone else ever terrified of the state puff marshmallow man? can you imagine him chasing you?!? YIKES!!!!

special picture for you because it has been proven that cute/funny animals reduce the symptoms of stress:


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