another weekend bites the dust

ah, yes. . . i find myself on yet another sunday afternoon wondering where all the time has gone. well, enough of that reminiscent shit. i’m taking a break from joyous house cleaning, surfin’ the net a bit.

i’m so glad jamie and i went out for a mini bike ride yesterday – it snowed overnight. i suppose we’ve been lucky thus far, and have enjoyed a pretty mild fall. . . but that does not mean i am ok with winter arriving.

i don’t know about anyone else, but i am not a fan of the beastie boys. i’ve never really listened to them; however with the new radio station (x92.9), beastie boys are often played. the more songs the play, the more i am disappointed. i actually don’t understand how anyone liked them at all; this also applies to ac/dc – i cannot comprehed how anyone likes this kind of music. but, on the other hand, this is coming from someone who listens to industrial which, i suspect, is an “acquired taste”.


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