this is the stickiest muffin i have ever had

didn’t have time to bring lunch today (which would have been yummy BBQ chicken!! why did i have to sleep in?!?), so for a morning snack i purchased a reduced-fat muffin from starbucks. for the most part these muffins are good; they are usually somewhat sticky on the top (haha muffin top!) which is OK by me.  however, today, the muffin is ultra sticky. it stuck to the waxy paper bag which, in my opinion, should be non-stick like teflon. it stuck to my finger upon immediate contact – i was forced to obtain an emergency napkin to get rid of the goo!! now i find myself eating the muffin with a fork because i am hungry!

i can’t believe i forgot to post about my adventure last night in my last post. we carved pumpkins. to jamie’s dismay, we were unsuccessful in finding a ginormous 60-lb pumpkin like last year. this year he was forced to suffice with a 35-lb pumpkin. i carved 2 – a white one with a creepy smile, and a large orange one with jack-skellington! they turned out pretty well. jamie is going to complete his tonight while i am out for dinner and at the spa with super cool steph! i will upload photos after halloween.

which reminds me . . . i have some amusing part photos i should post. heh heh heh. evidence, but i am ok with that!