october october how i love thee, october

what a fun, busy, hectic, ridiculous, fast month it has been. halloween in just 2 days. . . then it is november.

i can barely remember what has gone on in the last two weeks. . . lets see. well, we went out for my b-day (oct 23) . . . the pub was not the most exciting place i’ve ever been to, but thats ok – simply won’t go there again!!! thanks for the jager bomb neil. i love jager bombs. maybe not anymore though . . . more about that later on.  i didn’t get plastered, it was a pretty low-key evening which is all good. also had dinner with the folks for both jamie and my birthday… went to boston pizza – edible, but that’s about as far as it got haha. i guess we were warned by, i don’t know, common sense maybe?!?

i also ended up travelling for business last-minute. here’s how it went down – 3 weeks ago, i decided i didn’t need to go. then 1.5 weeks ago i decide it would probably be a good idea to go. get manager approval, and start looking for flights/hotels. all the fucking hotels are booked, unless i feel the urge to pay $300/night – which, despite reported revenue in billions per year, the big t cannot fork out. so, trip cancelled. i am ok with this as i would be in ottawa during my bday. so, the following monday rolls around, and low and behold a hotel is found and i am flying out at 5pm monday evening. OY.  so, this trip meant i missed my bday with jamie, and also lost an entire weeks worth of preparation for our halloween party the following saturday! not to mention the business trip was an information-overload 2 day workshop, and i now have way more work, but i also come back to “OK WE HAVE 12 HRS TO SET UP AND COOK FOR A PARTY!”.  On the saturday we find ourselves putting on our halloween makeup (we decided to go all out) when jamie suffers a makeup malfunction. this sets us back at least 1 hr. on cue, my sister arrives early, and we had not completed our makeup, didn’t have plates, forks, etc set out on the table, had no decorated the cake, and had not made the punch. by the time we were downstairs in costume, everyone was arriving. SON OF A. this is where my excuse comes in. i was very stressed, and therefore i drank way too much and ended up vomitting for approximately the last 2 hours of the night. whoops. i remember making chicken nuggets, 2 double jager bombs (oh god never again shall i do those… or will i?), unknown quantities of high-sugar punch with vodka, almost no food, ben’s squinty eyes, the room spinning, ripping paper, and then i spilt and drink and was told to go upstairs which was absolutely a good idea because i was very sick. very drunk, and very sick. the moment i had a break from violently convulsions of my abdomen, i found myself ripping off the latex makeup from my arms (which i was supposed to shave first…) as the pain subsided how sick i felt.         anyway, once everyone left, i felt pretty good so i had a shower and played nintendo ds.

oh, by the way, jamie bought me a nintendo-ds for my birthday. this was a good and a bad idea. excluding the last 24 hrs (i am very proud of myself), i have picked up the damn nintendo ds the minute i have a break from whatever i am doing – the epitamy of sad occurred when i waited in the car for jamie to run up and grab something we had forgottend only to find jen deeply enthralled in another game of mario.

anyway it is past midnight and i need to be in the office before 7am. wow i am going to require some coffee or something tomorrow!


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  1. You are welcome! And never say “Never again!” to alcohol, especially to something as good as a jaeger bomb. Next time I will make you a martini!

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