sunday, sunny sunday

ahh, what a gorgeous day. unfortunately i’m too busy to have a chance to go out on my bike. the father in law is here today working with jamie to fix some shit around the house, especially the windows which have been treated like crap their entire life, and therefore struggle to close. this is annoying.

i am trying to enable the “post by email” feature on my blog, but my email is broken. this is annoying because i have all these amazing thoughts throughout the day that i would like to share with everyone, but by the time ig et around to actually logging in and creating a post, i have forgotten them. how sad for the rest of the world. i am sorry. on that note, i have a blackberry for work, but for fuck sakes my inbox is always so friggin full that i cannot send emails from it! JKSHGKUD this is incredibly annoying as well!  all this unbelievable technology, and i can’t manage it. pfft to that.

i tried to make homemade apple pies last night. they kinda turned out. 1 had about an inch of sugary-apple liquid in the bottom like soup… but still tasted yummy.. the other we have not yet breahced as it was intended to be a gift… it looks quite bit more promising, but i am unsure about it. dare i give it away, and risk it being a weird pie?? i know it will taste great… i mean, how bad could sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, butter, flour, salt, and water taste?!?