sooo glad i’m on vacation . . .

so, tomorrow is officially my first day of vacation for the holidays. it’s funny, i booked it to just get shit done, not to have a break. is that sad?

fuck i always think of funny things to post on here, but by the time i actually have time to sit down and write a post i’ve forgotten everything. usually it’s ways i manage to injure myself or just being a clutzin general.

life with pixie is definitely different. she is the cutest, most-spoiled, poop-machine i have ever met. she is so playful – unless you set the bumble beside her, then she tries to kill that fucker – BAM YOU ARE DEAD!

gettin’ ready to have the entire family (my side) over for xmas on tuesday . . . they’re coming over for brunch, presents, and dinner. will be a long day. will be especially long since i have never cooked a turkey. this could be amusing. i will make time to report on my turkey adventures; no doubt something amusing, dangerous, or painful will happen.

well hopefully i’ll find time to post something somewhat amusing everyday during my vacation. i bet it doesn’t help today that we’re cleaning the house, we have errands to run, and i have a headache (fuck i need to get a new pillow, i keep waking up in pain almost everyday).