finally – a day that feels like i’m on vacation

argh. my last day of work was last friday; unfortunately it’s been a non-stop gong show since. i haven’t really been able to just veg “the jen way” so far. everyday was errands, housework, preparing for dinner. . . although yesterday we hit some boxing day sales so that was fun. but yeah today rules, i got up and drove jamie to work, then came home and watched star wars vi. holy fuck i don’t think i’ve watched that episode in 15 years. . . i finally bought the trilogy @ hmv yesterday (yay for 20% off!). i also bought the alien quadrilogy for 20% off, wooohoooo sales. OH and sin city was only $5.99. all in all, this xmas was good. brunch and dinner on xmas day were awesome. i have now acquired my own digital camera (12.1 megapixel and video wahoo!). my idea of a sweet winter vacation day is getting up, making coffee, and watching movies. hehehe. so that’s  what i have done. maybe i will play my ds, and read, too.

so my plans to post everyday over this break went completely out the window. i am too lazy right now to check when my last post was, but no doubt it was 4 or 5 days ago.