mutha fucka

it’s been damn near a month since my last post. oops. i’m so feckin’ busy i’m lucky if i have time to exist these days… definitely self-inflicted. work, workout, soccer, and attempt to be organized @ home – which, by the way, is a fruitless effort. i have a bazillion songs stuck in my head. some guy today dialed into a conference call and started singing “what’s new pussycat”. who does that?!?!

i like my frilly lilly sugar lily hand lotion. it smells like candy and freshness and drier. mmmm bounce.

i haven’t been able to catch up on my sleep in what feels like forever. i can remember a time when i would have moments of not feeling tired at all. this is not the case at this point in time. outside of being at work or being at the gym, all i can fathom doing is sitting on the couch; well, sometimes i lay on the couch. actually i lay on the couch more than sit. nice.

that reminds me, HOUSE was fucking amazing last night. i think that was the season finale; i really don’t know though – i just watch it.

ouch my hand is throbbing in pain right now. what’s up with that? i must be typing way too fast. if there are typos, that’s why. i hurt and i’m too amazing for my own good.

started up soccer againYAYAYAYYAAYAY. We’ve won 1, and tied 1. so far we’re doing much better than indoor season…… we’re also doing practices which is awesome – oh fuck i almost forgot i have practice tonight don’t let me forget don’t let me forget don’t let me forget. by they way – that was a mental note to myself; if i get text messages or phone calls from people reminding me about practice, i will be angry with you!!!

ouch i stop now right hand hurt too much.

nap time zzzzzzzz