humanity is so territorial

especially when it comes to office stuff, like chairs. not only territorial, though, but also greedy, sneaky, selfish, and arrogant. fuck fighting about salaries, corporations should worry about chair-to-employee-ratios.

another beautiful, sunny day in downtown Ottawa. i managed an awesome sleep last night, which actually makes it harder to get out of bed in the morning. i think you all know this. what the hell, 8 hrs of sleep and i am tired?! what is going on PEOPLE?!?!

steph is in peru right now; last E-Mail she sent was from Macchu Picchu:

oh Jen it was so fantastic. you just have to see this place you wouldnt believe it! I have Brendan sending you an email with pics attached so you can get a preview!!
talk soon!!

It suddenly made ottawa feel, well, less optimal 😦