ugh i ran out of bizarre post titles so this is what you’re getting

this one time, at band camp. . . hah, actually i just have a quick amusing story from the cali road trip. i think a play by play will work best:

jen: ok, i’m only eating half my sub <subway – eat fresh>. i’m packing the rest up for later.

jamie: hmm. . . ok, i will, too.

jen and jamie get in the car and continue to drive. this includes doing explicit madlibs which make jen laugh so hard she loses control of her voice and her eyes start watering.

skip to 30 mins later.

jen:  *sniff, sniff*

jamie: what are you doing?

jen: it smells. it smells like . . .

jamie: yes?!?!

jen: why does it smell like sandwiches?

jamie: umm . . . <insert eyes rolling – immediate acknowledgement of blonde moment>

jen: ohhhhh – right – subway 30 mins ago.