kittie: brackish has returned from its resting place

forgot how fucking awesome this cd is!!!!! aww, memories of the first disturbed concert in 2000, they opened for kittie – funny, cuz really, kittie isn’t exaclty a talented band 😉 and now disturbed is totally rockin’ the industry WahOoO!

and yes, as per angela’s previous comment, when i am at the home pc i tend to play WoW versus wanting to do anything else. now that the initial obsessive phase has somewhat worn off, i am willing to do other things… such as update my blog.

hmm what else is new….

well we spent a lot of money in vegas on shopping, sluts, and shows. oops i mean slots. we saw a cirque de soleil show, which was absolutely fantastic.

work has semi calmed down so i am not stressed to the max anymore,

jamie’s backpiece is 100% complete; which is awesome not only because it’s a gorgeous tattoo, but also because that means i get to start MINE! that is, if i ever decide on something…

ok i’m done.