happy saturday christmas is coming the goose is getting fat

allrighty and another saturday, which means a day to sleep in. this specific saturday also means a day to put up xmas decorations WoOoOOhoOOo 😀

again all my old amusing blogging creativity has gone out the window. how sad. how utterly and completely sad.

i missed out on 3 possibly sweet conerts this week due to laziness: rise against (meh), disturbed (son of a!!), and metallica x 2 (ohhh 😦 ). well, not so much laziness. more like, “i’ve been to a lot of big conerts over the years and i just don’t care anymore.” however amanda and i are supposed to go to a local metal show – AMANDA WTF WHY HAVEN’T WE GONE YET??? that is my note to amanda.