i have a mini christmas tree @ my desk, and i like it

time is flying by much too fast for my preference. i remember the good old days when you could fit so many different things into one day, it was ridiculous. and christmas and summer holidays were so far apart you could hardly bear it. and waiting, oh waiting for anything was so painful. now i find myself cursing that it is already half way through the week and i haven’t gotten anything done. and now, to speak specifically regarding the current holiday season, it is already dec 9. muther fugger.

and to top it all off, and the spite ange’s previous comment, i have had no time to play WoW – and by the time i have time to play, my fucking account is locked, so now i have to find time to call them during their time so i, again, can struggle to find time to play it! #$%&

ok – enough bitching about things that, in the grande scheme of the world, mean abso-fucking-lutely nothing.

i have to miss soccer this weekend, for fun stuff, but it is still a sad sad thing because soccer rules!

does anyone ever go back and randomly change around grammar so as not to use too many of each type of punctuation? hm. well, i did.

ohmygodialmostforgot: this past weekend, jamie and i were having a tickle fight in which i was winning by a ridiculously long shot (for the record), and the fucking corner of the hope chest jumped off the floor and into my eye! that fucker! i proceeded to freak out, bleed a lot, have jamie freak out, and then go to the walk in clinic and get freezing and stitches. apparently i am partially immune to freezing. she damn near overdosed me, and only 1/3 of my eyebrow was frozen. so, um, i now know that the stitches themselves hurt less than the freezing.