chewbacca’s looming silhouette on the ledge of my cubicle wall…

i’m doing an experiment right now. it’s called, “can you be positive and efficient in the workplace while listening to wumpscut’s hardest industrial?”  thus far, the answer is yes. i’m doing fine. i can totally focus and i am happy to work longer without any breaks.

this is probably bad for the eyes.

note: this is a break.

jamie and i rented and watched “zombie strippers”. oh. my. god. i loved it. i will have to update my movie review section before the second coming of sliced bread. hm, does that make sense to anyone? i didn’t want to say the second coming of christ because i am definitely not religious, so i picked another major <yet ambiguous> event in human history – that of sliced bread.

fuck, i bet people were slicing bread in like the year 500. well, maybe 1200. when did they start using plates? i think when dishes were introduced, people may have started slicing bread.

what the hell kind of ramble was that? OH – i know, a famous jen ramble.

soccer is on break for the moment, which sucks! i am hoping we’re signed up for the christmas tournament, but since i haven’t heard anything and it is only 1.5 weeks away…. i am assuming there will be zero soccer until january.