mmm, this metallic-ink marker smells absolutely fabulous

no apologies for the lack of updates over the past few months. i lost my creativity again.

wow, saturday march 14. that means i have 3months until my 10 year high school reunion. what the fuck?! how is that possible? i am not nearing 30… ok, i guess i am. not sure why i would try and kid everyone, but i guess it’s easy to do when you’re kidding yourself.

so what the hell can i blog about today. well, i am off to ottawa again on monday. i have been steadily going out there every 2nd week since january for work. i will always keep to my promise of not bitching about work on this thing, so we will leave it at that. of note, however, is that i finally found people i can relate to to hang out with out there… that is a bonus. people will actually go do fun stuff (see live shows, cool clubs, good pubs) so that makes it less depressing to be away from home. this week i believe i will be joining in the st patty’s festivities on tuesday… i hope the weather is good so i can walk back to the hotel (and not have to wait for a taxi).

what else what else what else. well, jamie got me an HR Giger print (alien monster iv) for my 27th birthday… finally got it framed and hung in january. it looks fucking wicked.

i have benign hypermobility syndrome. this means i have uber flexible joints because i have less of some kind of fluid or something in them. that explains my bad knees and hips; my ankle’s are retarded and floppy, so my knees and hips take over for them. i am supposed to be doing daily isolation exercises to get stronger ankle muscles but, as we all know, i am lazy.