15cm of snow is stupid

well, fucking calgary weather has remained is consistent self by being inconsistent. fuck you mother nature in calgary region. driving to the gym today was interesting. . . we passed two buses that had not made it up the hill and were sideways. good thing canadian roads are ridiculously wide, otherwise traffic wasn’t gonna go nowhere.

does anyone else find any video footage of space and/or astronauts a little bit creepy? watching them makes me feel so small, insignificant – this teeny tiny piece of dust in the biggest house EVER. (i just watched a clip of some astronauts).

ok so i was at chapters in ottawa last week and decided to check out the graphic novels section. i’ve only just started comics – 75% through the watchmen – so i don’t know what inspired me to check this out. must’ve been the curry i had for dinner. anyway, one stood out at me – erotic comics – go figure, pornographic novels. moving on. the next one caught my eye, “wanted”. the angelina jolie movie crossed my mind, but as i flipped through the novel and thought to myself, “there is no way this is that movie; this is sweet and sodifferent. cannot possibly be the same story.” so i proceed to purchase, read, and damn near not be able to put it down. next day i watch a trailer for the angelina jolie version. well motherfucker, it was based on the graphic novel but they completely slaughteredthe novel. fuck you universal. fuck you. that curry dinner also gave me a gut wrenching stomach ache for the next 12 hours – that is the way to fly home!

allright, one more week in calgary, 2 weeks in ottawa, some training courses, followed by a nice dose of vacation.


3 thoughts on “15cm of snow is stupid

  1. i just re-read this post. jen fails at grammar. i hope, for those of you who do not live within the confines of my cranium, it makes some sense.

  2. Jenbacca you are a dork. I watched the Watchmen on Saturday. Now I need to read the book. Comics are good! đŸ˜€

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