i have been staring at too many spreadsheets

new rule for myself: no looking at spreadsheets before 9am. wow. i feel all foggy and my brain has turned to mush. yet here i am, blogging, wtf?

i had a fucking fantastic breakfast today; the people at the hotel restaraunt were so nice, i just about barfed rainbows. in fact, they were too nice. i feel skeptical. like they were up to something… maybe to earn…. <insert 50’s mystery movie music here> gratuity!

ok now that i am on my third cup of coffee and have only been awake for three hours, i am going to consider having some water. ummm maybe after this coffee 😉


One thought on “i have been staring at too many spreadsheets

  1. What exactly did you get for breakfast?! you told us it was good….but what was it?? rainbow sparkles?!

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