i am thoroughly enjoying this orange-green tea

i’m attempting to rely less on coffee by increasing my green tea consumption. we’ll see how that goes because, honestly, if i am at a coffee establishment and i have a choice between tea or coffee, i am likely going to choose coffee. who wants to start making bets?

i cannot believe we are going to guatemala in 16 days! so excited! jamie is doing an excellent job of brushing up on his spanish; and me, well, i can order beer and ask “how much?”

indoor soccer is done for the season; i admit our team did pretty poorly again this season. i guess lack of commitment for the overall team, in conjunction with no practices, will do that. anyway, looks like all this shittiness has resulted in tryouts; yes, that’s right, tryouts for the lowest division. feels weird. oh well, i really like everyone so i hope i get on the team!!