the morning after?

so, my “no carb” day (except breakfast!!!) seemed to go well… however, I had a horrible sleep last night! I kept waking up with hunger pangs, but i was so completely out of it each time that i just forced myself back to sleep. i also had plenty of bizarre dreams. not sure if that bad night was a result of diet change (and psychological stressors around it), or if it was a coincidence. coincidentally, my husband had a horrible night, too, and he is not making any dietary changes.

hmm. . .

so here i go onto day 3 – low carb. it’s a slightly complicated day from a planning perspective, but will be a lot easier from a “mind over matter” perspective. of course, on top of this i have thrown myself into a hectic day: right from work – take the bus to the mall, help little sister find an outfit for a wedding she is going to in mexico, hop back on the bus, go to the gym, do boxing/conditioning workout, go home and CRASH! again, who wants to place bets that i will eat 1 of those leftover fat free puddings in the fridge before i go to bed tonight?