i need craft ideas

it has come to my attention that i have no relaxing hobbies. sure, i have things i love to do, bu exercising intensely isn’t exactly what i would call a relaxing hobby. i’ve decided my first attempt is going to be finding an art related thing that i can bring home and zone out on for a few hours. yep. that’s that.

so, yesterday was intended to be a no carb day. it did not turn out that way. also, i had a reese peanut butter cup chocolate bar before dinner. woops!

today is looking much more normal; since i have a workout tonight, i have no intention of attempting no carbs. carbs are very important for energy and recovery purposes (somehow carbs help protein get to your muscles). so, today will be a “canada food guide day” + extra protein because I rarely get enough.

it has been like 4 days in a row of nice warm, almost hot, weather! it is fucking awesome! +24 today! i think it will be cold and rainy the next couple days, but that is totally ok – we’ve been spoiled 😀