another crazy weekend gone

for the past 6 months or so, our lives have been “go! go! go!”. this weekend was no different. saturday was jam-packed (read previous post), and sunday was intended to be casual, but ended up also being rather hectic! started off shitty, totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed. so did the hubby. i headed off to the competition bootcamp i signed up for at spa lady. it’s a bootcamp led by a competitive body builder! she’s totally ripped; it is definitely a challenging class, although i still had some energy left to run halfway home and walk the rest of the way. i think i pulled my hamstring in the warm-up of the class – nice work, jen. in the evening, we headed over to our friend’s place for a bbq to celebrate their daughter’s baptism. it was a good time! and i had 4 of the yummiest chocolate chip cookies i’ve ever had! we left around 7:30. as soon as i got home, i applied heat and ice to my strained hamstring – heat felt absolutely FAAANtastic! i put a tiger balm patch on before i went to bed. this morning it feels pretty damn good, just sore from working out, no longer “strained”.

i am fucking tired this morning. wow. need more coffee. oh look, there is a coffee right here, perfect.

*pause for coffee break*

this weekend, i am going to meet and get photos with leonard nemoy and brent spiner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!