Training schedule, Nov 27 – Dec 4

This week looks easier than last!

  • Sun Nov 28: 10 k run
  • Mon Nov 29: Personal training
  • Tues Nov 30: 5k run + hill training
  • Wed Dec 1: Personal training + soccer game
  • Thurs Dec 2: Rest (wooohoooo!)
  • Fri Dec 3: Hot Yoga
  • Sat Dec 4: Rest or (if I have time) Tabata Intervals
  • Sun Dec 5: 10k run

Personal training last night (Monday) was BRUTAL! But, with that said, Paula and I are kicking ass! We’ve noticied a 3-5 sec increase each week on our 500m row – of course our throats and lungs are burning, and then Minako suddenly says “Ok, let’s go!” as she points to our next set. We did box jumps, mountain climbers, close-grip pull downs, kettle bell swings, weight calf raises, weighted side lunges, toe sprints on an incline, and of course – focus mitts!

we’re absolutely exhausted after every workout, but it feels so good (once we’ve caught our breath)!

thanks meanako!