2nd time around, 2:30. And I’m totally ok with that.

On Sunday, May 29, I ran the Calgary Half Marathon. It was exciting, challenging, painful and emotional. My time was 2:30. That’s 2.5min longer than my previous – but that is just fine with me.

Who’s up for another play-by-play?!?!!

  • 12:05am: I can’t sleep. What’s on TV?
  • 03:00am: Still can’t sleep.
  • 03:30am: Maybe I can sleep?
  • 04:50am: Time to get up. I am not sure if I slept at all, but I’m telling myself I did.
  • 05:45am: WE ARE LATE!
  • 06:30am: Drop off Jen & Minako at the starting line. I NEED TO PEE.
  • 06:50am: Got through port-a-potty line, let’s head to the starting line!
  • 06:51am: Oh. My. God. How many people are there?!?!
  • 07:00am: Ready, Set, Go!
  • 07:05am: We finally pass through the “actual” starting line
  • KM 1: This is so fun and exciting! They closed Memorial for us?!?
  • KM 3: They closed Inglewood, too? I’ve never seen this part of the city! I’m feelin’ good! Running with Minako is so FUN!
  • KM 7: I can’t believe they closed 17th Ave! This is so awesome! So many runners!  So many people cheering for us! So many volunteers! I LOVE MY PACE BUNNY!  AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR HONOLULU!
  • KM 9: Minako needs a pee break. She waves me on to keep going (I’m slower)
  • KM 10: Minako has sprinted to catch up! She just ran a pace of 4:00min/km!!! And now we’re on Memorial Drive again – completely shut down for the race.
  • KM 10.5: Oh, some girl is stopping ahead… and sobbing… in pain. Her friend is wanting her to stop, but she won’t. Then she starts wailing. MY GOD WOMAN, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! There are NO prizes for finishing with injuries!
  • KM 11: There’s an Elvis Impersonator singing Neil Diamond! OMG AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR HONOLULU!
  • KM 13: Turnaround point! And there is Jamie and Paula! Picture time. Oh… and… they’re running with us and cheering us on! YAY!
  • KM 17: Leg muscles are losing mobility – it is getting really hard to keep going
  • KM 18: only 3km left, only 3km left…
  • KM 20: only 1km left! my calves are killing me! and now I think I’m getting a charlie horse!!! NO NO NO!
  • KM 20.5: Sirens… police car passes us – making way for the FIRST PLACE FULL MARATHON RUNNER! Holy shit look at that dude go! I almost cried!
  • KM 20.7: Whoa – there is Ange! HI ANGE!
  • KM 21: I feel confused. I did it. Now where? Oh, I get a medal? There’s Jamie! WHERE IS THE WATER???????????

We then got our bags out of the bag check, found the food tent, found Jamie, Paula, and Ange and headed to our traditional post-race breakfast @ The Loop cafe in Marda Loop. I have never walked so slowly in my entire life.

In spite of all the pain, I had an absolute blast! I am so ready to tackle the FULL MARATHON in Honolulu!


One thought on “2nd time around, 2:30. And I’m totally ok with that.

  1. wow! congratulations! I love the breakdown you did too, it’s really cool to see what you experienced as you put more KM behind you.

    When I read “I have never walked so slowly in my entire life” it totally reminded me of the time my boyfriend and I decided to bike the full circuit of a trail we had only done half of before. It took several hours, and afterwards our legs barely worked. It wasn’t really that many miles, but for our fitness level at the time it was a LOT.
    I’m sure this is absolutely nothing compared to what you went through, but it did remind me of that (:

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