My Marathon Training & Fundraising Update: May 2, 2011

My training and fundraising for the Joints in Motion Honolulu Marathon is getting more exciting every day! It has been just over 1 month since I officially started my JIM (Joints in Motion) endeavor; I would like to share my progress with everyone.

First off, I have reached 36% of my $4800 goal – THANK YOU everyone! The 36% is almost entirely from sponsorships – WOW!!

Training Update:

I officially began training again around April 15. I started a compressed Half-Marathon plan to be ready for the Calgary 1/2 Marathon on May 29. I have been running 3-4 times per week, and cross-training up to 3 times per week. It’s going really well, and I am excited about the May 29 race. This will be my baseline to design the specifics of my marathon training (ie – what i personally need to focus on to make it through the 42km without collapsing in exhaustion and agony!)

I also signed up to be a an instructor with the Running Room for a 5km Running Clinic! This is incredibly exciting; I mean, I’m getting paid to run and inspire “newbie” runners – how good can it get?

Fundraising Update:

BAKING: I have been selling cookies in the office, and will continue to do so until my final November deadline. I have also had a couple “on-demand” requests for other baking. My recent baking adventures include: a fruit tart, peanut butter cup cheesecake, nanaimo bars, any cookie, banana bread, chocolate-espresso cupcakes, chocolate butter cake… i will pretty much bake anything! If you’d like to order some of my baking, please E-Mail me. ALL proceeds go to the Arthritis Society.

PEROGIES: In June, I will also be selling homemade “Donna’s Perogies” – a recipe from my Arthritis Hero, Donna. I have had the luxury of sampling these perogies, and they are delicious. I cannot get enough of them. A team of us will be volunteering our time & donating ingredients in a Perogie-Making-Extravaganza on May 28 to roll out dough, fill the dough, and shape the perogies! I will be sending out a notification out in Mid-May with all the details & prices, but if you know you want some, please E-Mail me and we’ll get your order set up! Again, ALL proceeds go to the Arthritis Society.

Overall, everything is going really well. I am so glad I’m doing this!!

If you would like to help sponsor me, and help the millions living with Arthritis, click here! Or I can also accept “in person” donations, just drop me an E-Mail and we’ll get it set up.